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Enabling emotional connection

with objects we own.


Dear creative person, why are you not creating?

We give you creative, technical and inspirational tools to amplify your creativity.

  • learn crafting methods

  • get support from 3D technology

  • touch, feel, play with colour, material and textures

  • craft yourself our products. In a beautiful execution.

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this is our promise to re-energize yourself.

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We craft products.

Refined, functional, beautifully executed. 

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we are makers.

We aim to design experiences that build memories. We strive to make objects ownership, meaningful.

We seek creative way to inspire (positive) changes.

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we are dreamers.

We do not take ourselves too seriously. 

A nerd can take various form, but to us, it means to push the boundaries of our craft through a passionate and nerdy approach.

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we are nerds.

Our creations are a subtle reminder that reducing our pace of life doesn’t mean becoming slower or less ambitious. It means that we take out more time to regenerate, rejuvenate and re-energize ourselves.

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we are slow.

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