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Genuine memories from childhood

we are makers. we are nerds. we are creative dreamers. we are slow.

BOLLICINE means "bubbles".

to be pronounced the italian way.

Do you remember blowing bubbles with that solution in little bottles and the plastic wand?

Bubbles! Oups. Bollicine.

They evoke happy childhood memories of blowing and chasing the "mystical" sphere. I remember how fragile they were by nature, their beautiful rainbow colors, and their ability to fly in the air. I was fascinated by them: observation, experimentation, investigation and discoveries. These were wonderful sharing moments with my friends. I was asking never ending questions about the magic behind the phenomenon… You know the recurrent “why” that kids ask all the time?


Nowadays, if your kids would ask you such an embarrassing question – assuming you do not have a Ph.D. in physics, then I assume you would pretend whatever 5 minutes excuse, just the time to grab your smartphone and Google “science of bubbles for kids”. You would rapidly read between the lines the content of the top 3 listed results. Then, you would come back to your kids, and proudly teach them what you just learned.



The phenomenon of real bubbles is actually a science which combines at least physics, geometry, mathematics. But to keep it very simple, just imagine that bubbles are like a hamburger: replace the meat by water and the top/bottom piece of bread by thin film of soap molecules. 


bollicine-studio takes its origin on these happy and childhood memories: genuine experimentations, creations and sharing moments. 

With the time, we have simply added a fourth dimension that we consider a must to keep up with our time: have a social positive impact. 


We are guided by these four values to build our craftsmanship legacy.


- Experiment - 


- Create -


- Share -


- Give back -

This is us.

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