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You might recognise the Nespresso Essenza Mini coffee machine?  Probably not, but trust me this machine model was used as the base for this project.

The aesthetic parts have been removed; the internal chassis has been slightly modified and the coffee buttons have been placed on the right hand side instead of the top, as per initial design.  

The machine is now ready to accommodate a new enveloppe made of concrete.

Fully functional, the machine was not made to brew coffee, but rather  to start a "conversation".

20161005 VTP 1080x720.jpg

"make it bold. Turn an every day act into a chance to save a live".

The context of this project was : how many time do we spend "out of pocket" money for "stupid" stuff? We wanted to raise the consciousness on this. We decided to make the most of the creative process behind this product. We were selling each hour of the creative process  at a symbolic cost of  1 h @ 20 chf. By performing this conscious purchase, participants turned a every day act into  something bolder, something meaningful, making new sense of things.

The total amount of the funds were donated to support research against cancer, in the paediatric field. The project was conducted jointly with Swiss cancer league. Total donation ( 6'500 CHF)  

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