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my name is Faretto

playful & sensorial.

Our desk lamp (Faretto) offers a sensorial experience: you won't resist to touch and feel its various material and texture... every day. The lamp is an invitation to play.

Pragmatic, minimal foot print, no arm articulation, while allowing  to adjust the direct light precisely where you want the light to be on the working surface: simply grab it's base and rotate it to fit your needs.


This desk lamp is a subtle reminder to focus on what matter most.  Faretto - to be prononced the Italian way -  can  be translated by spotlight. 

As a result of our busy lifestyle, we often forget that actually we have the choice of how to live and that the time is a precious thing we have. We should enjoy everything we do and stop chasing the unecessary. 


"Details are not the details, they make the product". The apparent simplicity hides the complexity of the components assembly. Our creative design and crafting process is a wonderful journey: steps after steps, we strive to simplify product complexity and remove what's unnecessary. 

We love to look at people when they are introduced with our Faretto desk lamp and wondering how it's assembled.  You can discover more on the "behind the scene" section.

strong presence.

It's base is made  of concrete can be textured in various way or left raw.

Both the electric cord as well as the light shade can be personalised with different colour and fabric.

The arm is executed in wood.

The light comes from a 12V / 3 W led: both cold or warm tone can be chosen depending if you focus on work or more cosy leisure time.

Switch it on / switch it off: a touch of vintage with a mechanical button. Straight forward.


same same... but different

behind the scene










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