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"We let you get your hands dirty,

but we make it easy”.

We design it. We produce it. We share it.

We draft, craft and re-loop until we are satisfied. We value the creative process behind object creations. We blend pleasurable designs, 3D digital tools and printing; we merge disciplines and craftsmanship to produce refined functional goods. 


We produce our concepts ourselves. 

We craft each part. We love the slow process of crafted products and the beauty of their imperfections, resulting of the blend of high tech, passion, love and handcraft.

We explore the possibillities of design driven by curiosity. We use the power of creativity and hands on building skills to amplify it.

We pair our work with a collaborative communication, sharing what we do.

long story short,

we are (positive) makers.

our products "give more than they take":

a promise to re-energize yourself

"If we are able to do it, you can do it too.

We share our knowledge and support people to self-produce our products themselves.

We let them get their hand dirty, but we make it easy:

- You will be surprised to realise that the tools we use to craft our products are quite common tools nowadays in  domestic environments.

- The space needed to craft them is minimal. 1 square meter is enough. No kidding.  

- Your are all set. Look at our package. Depending on your mood, we have the optimal offer for you.  Let's have a try. Immersing oneself into experimental projects empower self-expression through new perspectives. This is our promise to re-energize yourself: Keep learning, keep interested, get inspired. Leave a door open to the unexpected. This is how we define the new luxury.

#1 experiment 

different applied art

and merge disciplines

“Steal like an artist”. (We love this inspiring book from A. Kleton). Creativity is the art of combining existing elements into new useful one. 


We catalyze interactions between our applied art and other disciplines.

Being curious, getting inspiration from the “world”, from the work from others, we remix and reimagine to discover new path and find true creative freedom.


We encourage you to steal from us too.

“The process is (as important as) the product”:  throughout the creative process, you will learn and share techniques, applied art, gain others “savoir-faire”, experiment with material and texture and apply them to craft a refined functional product. 


Be part of this new generation of artisans- long life learners- live the beautiful reward that come with it.

#2 share

entertaining experiences

#3 create

product attachment through your craft

“Each step is a work”: we believe that the object your will craft will be kept and used with pride; you will maintain it as long as possible, as the product is narrating a story you are part of. It becomes part of your own history.

By experiencing with the creative process, the work you are engaging as well as the collaborative interactions with your peers, you are creating memories, designing a strong object attachment and build an intimate connection with it. We call it Emotionally Durable Design.

We believe that social design has a huge role to play. “It’s good to be great at something, but its far greater to play your part in something good” (Al Keating).

We stay humble, of course, and we anchor our projects into social responsibility and solidarity. Our projects embed a "bold side" message, by supporting giving back initiative. 


This is our new normal mindset and honest contribution to a long term behavioral changes.  We strongly believe this will become mainstream mindset.

#4 give back

to make

new sense of things

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