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These guys keep our hands dirty.

And we love this.

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Our offers are suitable for (almost) every mood.

Context is everything, we know.  We believe in people expectations of total relevance vs. their “wants and needs”  in a particular moment.

We give you creative, technical and inspirational tools to amplify your creativity.  Our immersive challenge  and experiential ateliers are there for you. Some of our products require a bit more hands on skills, that's true, but manageable when yo allocate a bit more time. and we are here to support.

You are not feeling creative?  Well, if you believe in what we do then we have something for your, too. Have a look a our products ready to go

What's your mood today?

Have a look at the people attitudinal mood described below. Do you recognise yours?  

Cartoon Dog

you desire to possess not only the object but the values that help to create it. You fall in love with what we do. You respect why we do it. You value pieces crafted with time and love, coming out from handcrafted production method. The easiest way to give us a chance to be part of your home or your office is to purchase* one of our finished products. Associated with a giving back initiative, you’ll recall the emotional bond that you have built with it. Everyday.

*offer valid in Switzerland at the moment.

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"Wow, yes! I like it, I want it"

Cartoon loup

You want to exhibit your creativity, instead of choosing a product that is “same but different”. You want to create something that is truly unique, like you. You assume the role of the creator. Fair enough, we can arrange this: choose one of our product* as a basis, we help you to (re)shape it to your individual preferences, going beyond standard personalization.

*offer valid worldwide

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"I want to show how I made it mine"

Cartoon Dog

You want to get your hand dirty? we make it easy for you.

Get our drawings and 3d file, 3d printing file or even our mould*. Follow our step by step advices and recommendation (if you want), use some elbow oil and activate your personal micro-manufacturing tools or bring it to your local makerspace. Good news: our products do not require too special tool to be produced. (if you have a 3 d printer, a drill, then  you are all set.)

We are here to support you. 

*offer valid worldwide. 

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"I can do it myself"

Cartoon animaux

You want to put yourself in the shoes of a true artisan? You are willing to learn techniques and share your art? Carve out time and participate in one of our slow creative Atelier.* Disconnect a moment from the ultra-connected world, create physical interactions with other participants and live an immersive and entertaining experience.  You will build memories. The product you will create will be priceless to you.

*offer valid in Switzerland at the moment ( Zurich area)

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"I want to live an immersive experience"

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