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We have a desire to slow down;

enabling deeper connections with others, oneself and objects we own.

we have shifted




We are ultra-connected. We have shifted to constant state of connectivity with all around us, hungry for instant and relevant information. For example, let us ask this question: “how long are you waiting for a website to load before being annoyed? The answer is maximum 3 seconds, for an average user.

Our online lives, and obsession with social networks has transformed how we interact, without filter, with people.

Nevertheless, we acknowledge that we are living in exciting times thanks to tech innovation, mainly when it enables an improvement of our lives and keeps us healthy.

do you feel


our attention fragments?

Always connected, always distracted. Do you feel, as we do, that our digital era is marked by complexity, speed and volatility? we live in a world where so much is ambiguous and temporary.

Do you feel, as we do, that things are going ultra-fast? We are running tight schedules, targeting social performance, absorbing daily a massive load of information – most of it is superficial though- that could overload even a powerful computer. (a U.S. scientific research indicates that the human brain is loaded daily with 34 GB of information). 

Did you know that social media products are engineered to be addictive by offering quick psychological rewards?

Do you feel, as we do, that our attention fragments? Anxiety levels rise. Our focus is continually interrupted, impacting our ability to think and feel. 

we have a desire to provide more 

user control

and enable



with all around us.

Reducing our pace of life doesn’t mean becoming slower or less ambitious. It means that we take out more time to regenerate, rejuvenate and re-energize ourselves.

With bollicine-studio, we have the desire to slow down to grasp what matter most

We have the desire to reposition design focus on individual, socio-cultural and environmental well-being.

We have the desire to provide more user control and enable deeper connection with others, oneself and objects we own.

We have the desire to bring a positive impact.

We promote (good) conversations about objects that "give more than they take"; objects that inspire a meaningful ownership. 

More generally, our conversation is about human wellbeing.

This is our approach to the "dematerialization" , as we believe that tomorrow will be less.

This is our contribution to the slow movement.

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